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Make your own pure, healthy, alkaline drinking water which is rich in minerals, purged of impurities, right in your home.

Kangen is a Japanese word best translated into English as "return to origin", which means several things when used to describe water. First, it describes water returned to the state in which it was often found in nature before the earth became polluted. Second, it implies that it will help to return your body to its original condition when you were young - including all of the organs and skin.

To be called Kangen water it must be is alkaline, micro-clustered, pure, and has a high negative ORP, or oxidation-reduction potential.

Kangen Water is "living water" that deeply hydrates the cells. It is readily absorbed because of the cluster size of the water molecule, which is smaller, and it has more hexagonal structures.

Kangen Water is a "free radical scavenger". It has antioxidant properties, which fight free radical damage.

Kangen Water assists in helping the body rid toxins by neutralizing the positive, cationic charge with its many free electrons. Kangen Water is alkaline. It can neutralize and balance a chronic acidic state.

Therapy using both alkaline and acidic water for both external and internal use has been recognized as a valid medical treatment in Japan since the 1960s and it is practiced in many of Japan's leading hospitals.

Some of the benefits of Kangen Water are:

  • release of excess body fat and stored toxins
  • supports healthy colon function
  • increases hydration
  • helps in balancing body pH
  • increases blood oxygenation
  • helps in neutralizing free radicals
  • aids in weight loss

Some Symptoms of Toxic Overload

  • headaches
  • depression
  • fatigue joint pain allergies
  • memory loss muscle aches

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