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Make an Appointment Today! Personal Training At Sozo Will Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals!

With Personal Training at Sozo, we use a Holistic Approach of achieving your range of wellness and fitness. We take into consideration activity levels, stress, medical issues, nutrition and lifestyle influences. We know that this all plays a large role in how your program will be designed for you to reach your goal.

Programs are developed to meet an individual's need, whether that need is for specific training for an event, an energizing program that focuses on rehabilitation from an injury or illness, or a stress-reducing plan that includes exercises and lifestyle changes to cope with an ever-increasing demanding world.  We offer a variety of dietary and physical assessments and training plans.  Pick one that works best for you or contact me about customizing a plan that fits your lifestyle and budget!

One Time Assessment - $150

Private session(s) includes: (5-Day food journal), Body Composition, Movement and Work Assessment, 3-Training Sessions, 1-hour Wellness Consultation, Recommendation based on the findings of the Assessments and individualized Workouts for the remainder of the month w/ the option to work out during class times at the facility. 

Private Package 1 - $360 Monthly

8 Session of Personal Training 

3 Month Commitment

Private Package 2- $540 Monthly 
12 Session of Personal Training

3 Month Commitment 

What our Private Packages Includes:

  • Testing: After a thorough analysis of your strength, balance, flexibility and body composition, your coach will tailor your program to your goals and needs. 
  • Strategy Session: Your coach will meet you to lay your weekly schedule and goals to keep you on track. 
  • Training: Regular one-on-one sessions with a trainer that will keep you motivated. 
  • Re-Evaluating: Throughout the training and testing process, we will continually monitor your progress.


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Make an Appointment Today! Personal Training At Sozo Will Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals!