Courtney Picou

My Gym Story:

How I became a part of Sozo’s story is difficult to contain within just a few paragraphs. My whole life I was over-weight and obese, and the most I ever weighed was 300 pounds. I had a very poor self-image and to say that I was insecure in my own body is an understatement. I felt rejected by others but more so, I hated and rejected myself. In 2005, I made the decision to have gastric-bypass surgery and over time I slowly lost 130 pounds, but I wasn’t healthy. I was very independent and did not trust people. I joined Our Savior’s Church in 2006 and through life groups Tiffany and I became friends and eventually she became my trainer. As our relationship developed, I also realized that for the last 27 years I have had a poor self-image, hated myself, was full of pride and was completely un-teachable.

Tiffany became a safe person for me as I worked through my issues and challenges including my bad attitude about working out. I didn’t like the environment it created because it spotlighted my weaknesses, failures, and physical shortcomings. I was a jerk but I guess Tiffany saw some kind of potential and resolved to not walk away. Instead, she patiently invested truth into me; and I began to make healthy choices by moving beyond my insecurities and becoming teachable. I remember the moment when it clicked for me. One day we were working out together and she said to me, “Court, we can’t be prepared for anything if we only work on areas of strength. We have to identify and work on our weak areas. That’s how you get strong, that’s how you finish strong…” and I wanted to be strong.

When Tiff made the decision to open her own gym, I was committed—where she went I went—I was supporting her all the way. We moved to her garage and eventually Sozo was birthed. I shifted from hating exercise to loving it and have become a CF-L1 trainer with her. Five years later, she is one of my best friends and a vital part of speaking truth into my life. She has cultivated an environment where deep relationships with other women of similar heart come together and model a true sisterhood.